Thursday, September 23, 2010


It doesn't take much to excite us around here, as I've mentioned before (carwash story). 

Yesterday a very large garden spider took up residence on the screen door, and he was interesting to see. 

But he had other things in mind.  Today he was dead.


He is hanging on a long strand of web, so every time we open the patio screen, his withered body careens back and forth and ALMOST GETS US.

Experience it yourself with this video:


  1.   So funny. It's was a beautiful spider!

  2. @mcbery - But the whole time, I was wishing my camera would take great closeups like you do!  Love your closeup photos!

  3. LOL. You have Totally outdone yourself now. I am so glad to hear your voice.And, I hope someone has now removed the spider corpse for you.  :)

  4. I have the impression at watching the video he is not completely dead !! Take care !!Love Michel