Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I never thought we would own a car that looks so much like everyone else's--but we're skinflints, and we always buy whatever color is available.  Silver it is, this time around.

I have been known to try my key in cars that are an entirely different model than the one we own, and now that we're dealing with silver, I've been completely overwhelmed--especially if I don't pay attention to where I park the car before I go into the store (which is usually the case).

At first I tried the "college parking permit" method of finding my car.  But you need to look through the front windshield to see it; I conjure up a hilarious picture of myself peeeering into the fronts of all the cars in the parking lot....

Then I just left a pillow in the back window, and actually, that works pretty well, except that I still have to approach fairly close before I can see it.

But now I'm "pleased as Punch", because I bought an antennae topper that completely suits my personality and that helps me find the car:

If you see one of these around town, feel free to leave a note for me on the windshield, and say "Greetings, Chickadeefeeder!"


  1. Gaye, I love you and you are HILARIOUS!  I'll be looking for your car with the funky antenae ornament!  Love ya friend!

  2. Oh, that is so you!! I love it!

  3. So cute Gaye, and so you!  When I see funky pigs around I have an overwhelming urge to buy them for you......But I wasn't sure you still liked them!

  4. Is the little fellow named? I have a similar clay one, maybe I shall have to have Devastatingly take a photo. Mine is named Hamloaf Pigasus.  :)

  5. @TobyBo - No name; I just think of him as the flying piggy.

  6. Oh that's such a clever idea. My car is silver and I wonder if they have them in Oz? Problem is, my antenna is broken to only a foot high.Mrs Q