Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was writing down the new address of my niece and am amused that she is in Apt. L because of what happened to us on our first trip to Britain.  We were booked for an overnight train in car #L, but as we walked along, the cars went A,B,C,D and so on, but:  it skipped L—we couldn’t find it.
So we asked a conductor where L was.  He laughed, pointed to the ground, and said “It’s down there.”

It was hours later that we got the joke.  He must have thought, “Those Americans....just can’t take a joke.”

Turns out there were 2 cars that were labeled M.  So we got our ‘ell after all.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


We often throw our recent magazines onto the top of the toilet tank, for using (you know) like other people do.  When I wash my face, I throw my eyeglasses there too, and one day something interesting occurred.




So I just had to try it with others too.

Then there was a magazine lying on the kitchen table, and so I had to....

Friday, June 24, 2016


Once I found a bee in my Burt's Bees hair conditioner.

(It was not the company's fault)

(But I think it's pretty cool)

It happened like this:  At one point in time, we had trouble with an occasional bee somehow getting into the bathroom through the air vent.  This one must have been attracted to the oh-so-good smell of the hair conditioner and the conditioner's lid had been left off and

He Fell In

And Died.

Poor thing.

And I found him at some point while taking care of my hair.  Now, whenever I use the product, I get an extra laugh for the day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


It's going to be this kind of day today:  barefoot and in the shade.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Last year, I wanted to try my hand at dandelion jelly.  It's fun to do unusual things like that.

It was a lot of work for the end product, and truly:  jelly is just a bunch of sugar with a tiny bit of flavor added to it.  That's why you can make jelly out of anything!  Still, it's fun to brag about, and a great gift to give away.

Although there's a drift of snow on the ground, it will soon be time to consider doing it again.  Think about it, why don't you?  A bit of sunshine in a jar.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


After hearing that a 9th planet may have been discovered, we had to celebrate with my favorite dessert: Banana Pudding.  I know this was a fitting choice, because when I ate it, it was like eating a piece of heaven.

I use my own recipe for the pudding, which is a bit like Aunt Irene's:


2/3 C. sugar
1/3 C. cornstarch
2 1/2 C. milk (even low-fat milk works just fine)
2 eggs, well beaten
2 T. butter
1 tsp. vanilla (which I often forget to put in)

In a 1 quart container:  Blend sugar and cornstarch.  Gradually stir in milk, mixing well.

Microwave on HIGH for 5-7 minutes, whisking/stirring every 3 minutes, until thickened, smooth, and clear:  until it looks like pudding!

Drizzle (stirring madly) a small amount (perhaps 1 cup) of hot pudding gradually into the egg.  Then return the egg mixture to the hot pudding, mixing well.

Microwave on MEDIUM LOW (#7 out of 10) for 1 to 5 minutes, stirring after each minute, until it is smooth and thickened.  I do sometimes have trouble with this step; sometimes it really thins out and I don't know why.  So keep at it till it thickens.  Someone has suggested not to let it get over 180 degrees hot?

Add butter and vanilla.

Now, you're supposed to wait until the pudding cools before adding bananas and graham crackers. This is the hardest part of the recipe!  My son has suggested that you make a double batch of the pudding so that you can eat some of it plain while it's hot.  This will hold off your anxiety until the pudding cools enough to be used for the BANANA part.

This plan works well.


The proportions depend upon your taste, but the general idea is to make it in layers:  pudding, graham cracker crumbs Kinnickinick makes great GF ones), sliced bananas.  Again and again until you've reached the end of the pudding.

It is SO GOOD!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I have a strong nervousness about using food that comes directly from China.  I'm sure you've read the news reports and understand why.  But there's one item from China I can't seem to avoid: powdered garlic. So I went on a quest to see if I could find a way.

To make your own powdered garlic sounds like an exciting prospect.  Just imagine the freshness, along with the happiness of having something you made yourself.  Empowerment!  Healthiness! Improved taste! I am super excited about this idea.

I never would have gotten around to it except that I saw pre-peeled garlic at Sams' Club for an incredibly cheap price.  What a fantastic opportunity.

So I sliced it thin and popped it into the oven to dehydrate.  Unfortunately, mine took hours longer (i.e., 48 hours) instead of the 2 hours that I was told.  (This may have been due to my oven and its specialized dehydrating instructions, which included having the oven door slightly open)

The end product is wonderful.  And a sadly depressing small amount, given the labor.

Here's the funny thing, though.  At the end, I realized I had never asked myself where the garlic came from.  And....you guessed it:  the inexpensive peeled garlic came from China!!