Monday, September 27, 2010


After running what my future daughter-in-law called a Wedding Invitation Sweatshop, they are finished and put into the mailbox!

Older Son and herself designed the invitation.  The curly florets are the same design that is on her wedding dress.

I created the insert cards.

Younger Son helped us with a lot of computer work, trying to get them all to the edges of the paper so there wouldn't be so much cutting.

My husband ran the paper cutter.

Daughter-in-Law's friends came to address and stamp them all.

We spent $100 on stamps!


  1. This invitation is become a work by a familial team !! yay !Love Michel

  2. Wow!  Beautiful work.  Way to keep those Weltons in line, future Welton!  I've never seen those stamps before--how lovely!  I know a great florist....:)

  3. those are wonderful mornin glorie....and I know a hunnerd bucks seems like alot but just think how much time you saved not delivering them all in person

  4. Beautiful! Blessings on the wedding and preparations.

  5. Lovely!  Is Covenant Church the OPC church?  If so, I went there when I attended GCC.

  6. @TheChickadeeFeeder - I have very fond memories of that church and congregation.  That is where Reformed Theology began to make sense to me.

  7. wow! it all seems so... I dunno... real...