Friday, February 19, 2010


This has always been one of my favorite poems:

Living Alone      ~ D. Scott Taylor

It's amazing
how many more things
you do naked than before.
Today I made waffles.

I'm not going to say anything about dress or undress, but I did have some time completely to myself today, and sometimes that can be soooo refreshing!  While my parents were at a potluck, I had the red car all to myself so that I could go where I pleased at whatever pace I wanted.


Firstly, I sat in the car at Boggy Point and watched blue herons in a small rookery across the way.  They're getting ready to nest, preening each other and bringing in sticks.  I also saw a yellow-rumped warbler in the brush beside me.

Then I walked part of the Orange Beach Backcountry Trail, taking my time and even sitting in a swing along the trail.  No rush.

A stop at the Publix grocery got me some gluten-free rice chips I have never tried. 

I ate a lot of them while sitting in the car at Florida Pass. 

Then I got out and walked the sand barefoot, slowly, stopping when I wanted to, and choosing just ONE shell to take home.


  1. Thanks for taking me along on your walk this way. I am so happy you had a day like this. It is so good for the soul.Old Hat

  2. Wow. I didn't catch at first where you were, and all I could think was - what happened to the snow! Have a lovely time!

  3. I like being out on my own once in a while, it's a nice feeling!

  4. A feeling of freedom !! That is good !Love Michel