Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am visiting my parents in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where they spend part of the winter.  I arrived at the Pensacola Airport in time to save them a parking fee, so I told them just to pick me up at the doors.

But then I was worried they would go to the wrong door, or I would not recognize their car:  so many silver cars, and they all look alike!

How silly that was of me!!!  How embarrassing!!!  I had forgotten they have a new car now.  Fat chance of missing this coming around the corner....

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  1. Hi, I was here looking around.  I cut way back on xanga for a while andf when I returned, so many xangans were gone, gone to facebook, most of them.  I liked your profile.  I agree with you about the silver cars.  Red is so much better to see on the road, and easier to find in a parking lot as well.