Friday, March 12, 2010


My friend Old Hat (an amazing, interesting, AND busy guy) inspired the following:

So Far This Week I Have...

Visited a pottery studio.

Learned a new thing about Egyptians.

Had a young child steal from me.

Shoveled a walking path through the snow.

Wore short pants and short sleeves.

Saw my Older Son get rejected by a graduate school program.

Advertised one contradance while planning another.

Watched a thoughtful Ibsen play called Enemy of the People.

Called an English Country Dance ball.

Ordered a gluten free meal for next week's luncheon at the Governor's Mansion.

Drank 30 green smoothies.

Bought 72 chocolate bars and 1 bag each of Hershey kisses, peppermint patties, lifesavers, and M & M's.

Spent 30 minutes in the produce section of the grocery, talking life issues with my son.

Organized a homeschool project fair for 65 students and their families.

Made a birthday cake.

Saw my Older Son get accepted (with full funding) by a graduate school program.

Wrote a lesson for my speech class.

Put The Cat in the Hat up for sale (Latin version).

Made a fool of myself in front of 100+ people by leading them in a rousing rendition of "Mr. So."  (you gotta do this; see a similar version here).

Xeroxed 362 copies.

Made a BINGO game.

I did NOT...

Do laundry.


  1. Sounds very productive, even if you don't have clean undies.So, where will your so go to grad school and what will he be studying?

  2. I got the details from Abby about the grad school part. Woo hoo! Congratulations to son!

  3. Finally did you do or did not you do what is on the list ?  Suspense . Only laundry ? I am glad your son is accepted .Thank you for your kind birthday wishes .Love Michel

  4. sometimes bullet lists make great blog posts, especially when there isn't really time to write something cohesive. i need to do "list" posts!woo-hoo on your son getting accepted to grad school! where's he going, and for what? my recent-college-grad son thinks grad school might be in the future "sometime, when i figure out what i want to do," but right now, after 4 years of hard work at college, he just wants to deliver pizzas and bum around.