Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Another great craft/gift idea is to "make" no-sew fleece blankets. Last year a church group made single-thickness blankets and passed them out to nursing home residents, which included my mother-in-law. She LOVES her blanket, and it even travels with her when she goes to the hospital.

This year our group of homeschooled students made blankets of two thicknesses to give to an unwed mothers' home.

We mothers, at our own annual Christmas gathering, cut the fringes into the blankets.

Then the students tied the fringes together at their Christmas party.

Today I learned through Project Linus that there are MANY ways to finish off fleece for a blanket--all kinds of fringing, braiding, and cutting.

We chose to knot the ends, and in retrospect, we could have used a better knot, such as an "overhand" knot, as explained at All Kinds of Baby Stuff .  Ah well!  Next time!


  1. Wonderful....where did you get the blankets?

  2. @i_was_there_and_back_again - Buy the fabric when it is on sale at Joann Fabrics--with a coupon!

  3. Actually, blame me, not Xanga. I have been feeling guilty about not posting on others' sites, so I wrote three or four entries, kept them private until they were all done, and then turned them public all at once so that people didn't have to feel like they needed to comment on all of the entries. So, it probably shows up in your subscriptions. Warm and cozy are good words for this icy day!

  4. And, thanks for your kind comment about Hunter's photo. I did work pretty hard on the photoshop bit, getting rid of a shadow!

  5. It is beautiful to see women and students give their time to make blankets for old people or mothers moreless in distress . This is moving and makes sense . There is so much love in this .

  6. I love the fleece blankets. They are so warm and cozy!

  7. RYC - Yes, a peacock did ride to Fort Wayne on top of the van. You'll see a picture someone at Central drew if you go back far enough on my posts. Might be easier to search picture tags on Xanga. I forget what I named it. Fort Wayne is 50 miles away. Lee wondered what the truckers thought driving by.