Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Shelf Elf event happening at our house (with a small sock monkey called Highjinks) is working out well or disastrously, depending upon your viewpoint.  The monkey has been mischevious indeed:

He got into the candy.

He did something unmentionable on the kitchen table.

He xeroxed his bum.

He replaced some Christmas stockings with unders.

When he does these things, my college-age son has said we should "throw that monkey out of the house!"

My husband got a gleam in his eye and has posed the monkey with scenarios from his own mind.

Here Highjinks has gotten into the secret "saved" cookies in the freezer.

And the cat is intrigued, which makes setup a bit difficult.

So, all-in-all, I would count it a success!


The wire I put in the monkey's limbs didn't work well; his arms and legs are chubbier than what the Shelf Elf has, and the wire was too thin.  The monkey's fabric is knit and so the wire kept poking out and the limbs didn't really bend.  So I took the wire out.

The monkey doesn't sit up by himself either, but that doesn't matter too much.  Packing tape comes in handy, but I can't let the cat see me use it: he LOVES to play with packing tape and will dismantle the elf scenario to enjoy himself.

I think the monkey is WAY more cute than the elf, and no matter how naughty he behaves, his sweet innocent face garners instant forgiveness.


  1. Success indeed!!!!

  2. This is so much fun. Now I want a sock monkey.

    I thought of you the other day when I was a target and saw an elf only for 12.95. But I have to agree that the sock monkey is way cuter and will probably catch on in Grove City.

  3. Feed him the rotten bananas. That'll teach him.

  4. I like the interrogative look of the cat !! :)