Thursday, December 5, 2013


Everyone posts photos of their Christmas sugar cookies, but I wanted to tell about ours because they're gluten-free--and just as easy and regular to make as anyone else's.

I am going to do an (unpaid) advertisement.

We use a cup-for-cup gluten-free substitute called Better Batter, made in eastern PA, for all our cookies, pie crusts, gravies/sauces, and muffins.  With our own pre-GF recipes, completely unchanged except for the rolling out of the pies (which needs to be done between pieces of saran).  We buy it in bulk once a year, which makes it affordable.

This recipe comes from Betty Crocker's cookbook.

Now about the cookies:  we have troubles at our house.  I know that some people bake a whole lot of types and quantities early in December and then feast off them all the month long, but that hasn't worked well in our house.  (With a little bit of exaggeration, but not much) we tend to make a batch and eat it in a couple of days.  Then we make a different cookie and eat it up quickly.  Then a different treat and snarf it up.  And by December 7, all the goodies are gone, we are bereft, and have nothing to celebrate with for the rest of the month!

What to do?

Last year, I made a double or triple batch of one type, and secreted some into the freezer when no one was looking (there would definitely be frowns if I did this in front of the family).  Then surprise!  Just when you thought the season was at an end way too early, some more treats magically appeared.

I will see what I can manage again this year.

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  1. Scott's mom is sneaky about hiding cookies in the freezer, too.
    Esther Bates