Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm sure you-all have been on vacation and seen people you know, or people that are from your own town, own county, own state....

While in Alaska, I met a man who was delighted that we live close together--he's from Virginia (I'm from western PA).  shocked  ?

But we also were walking the streets of Ketchican, Alaska, and met someone who is not only from our own town--but also from my husband's place of work!


I met homeschooling folks who live not too far from here.  We met a man whose son is coming to GCC in the fall.  And of course, someone we know saw us at the airport as we were leaving.  No secrets around here!


  1. That is amazing such a small world.  Glad to hear you are having a good time.Blessings, Christie

  2. Isn't that amazing?!  My husband & boys met someone from New Paris, IN on a pyramid in Guatemala! It was so amazing. Hope you have a great day. Printing out some older posts and saw your name again so I popped on over.