Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Our cruise ship, the Celebrity Millenium, was wonderful, with large and clean rooms, great food, excellent service, and lots of things to do.

But because I am a pre-planner, one event I intended to avoid was The Newlywed Game.  Especially since my husband and I were celebrating our 30th anniversary and had a large cheering section who knew us, I did not want to be one of the couples who got picked to go onto the stage and answer personal questions.

So we didn't go.

But my cousins Randy & Adele got picked.  AND THEY WON THE CONTEST!

It's one of those "games" where the wives are taken to the back room to answer questions and the husbands must guess their answers (and then vice-versa).  One of the questions was "If you were stuck on a desert island, which one of your wife's relatives would you NOT want to be stuck with?"

Randy got that one right:  his wife's sister.

Then of course the most interesting question was "Where is the most unusual place you ever had sex?"

They got that one right also.  And they will hear about it for the rest of their lives, THAT'S for sure!

My husband and I got to see the show after all, because it was played over and over and over again on the ship television, just in case there was one last person who had missed their answer!


  1. How is your blog not in my Google Reader?!  I guess I get most of the posts via FB.  But I'm checking out the posts to be sure. Enjoying your Alaska vacation.  Pretty funny about the Newlywed Game!  What was the prize? (Worth it?!)

  2. @RenascenceC - You would have to ask the younger folks about Google Reader, Cindy; I know nothing about that.  They got a bunch of Celebrity stuff--totebags, hats, t-shirts, lanyards, decks of cards.  Which us other relatives started picking at and begging for!  I got a lanyard.

  3. I heard about a scare at an airport today--a lanyard sticking out of a suitcase!  Pretty dangerous thing there!