Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It came to me that it's as if my Older Son and His Wife have died.  That, along with the loss of my circle of friends, the death of Imogene (our outdoor cat), the near death and sudden lifestyle change of my mother, and countless other changes, can account for the vast amount of grief and apathy that's been with me these last few months.

I think that some folks could have made this time easier, but they did not.

For years, I've struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and all that goes with them, and when I have "down" days, I bear it well because I know it will pass and there will be "good" days again. 

I do not have that rational thinking with this hard time.

Meanwhile, I'll try to pretend--until things get better!

I "pretended" I was invited to the Royal Wedding.  It was a lot cheaper and easier to attend doing it this way:

Re-creation of myself watching the Royal Wedding on television


My outdoor hat needs some gee-gaws, feathers, or something to make it look more fancy, but it will do in a pinch (which is what this was)



  1. hugs to you my styling friendI didn't watch but I did look at the hats post afterward. We ought to have a party with some hats and fascinators. What about a make your own fascinator hat part? I wonder if there are rules for those things?

  2. @TobyBo - Yes, we should.  The very first time we meet we should wear fascinators!

  3. @TheChickadeeFeeder - LOL. Some of those looked out of Who-ville to me. I am SURE you would overachieve in this area.  :)

  4. Oh I loved this you are so sweet in your hat what fun I just wish I had thought to do that.  My Lindajoy and I would have had great fun.Blessings, Christie