Wednesday, March 25, 2009



I try to walk every day (ignore my son's look of disbelief).  If I go up and down the driveway five times, it makes a mile.

The view from the road, looking toward our house.

Of course, the minute I put my big toe out of the door this morning, it began to rain.  But here is what I saw:


A moaning beech tree.

Coltsfoot, one of the first flowers of spring.  Its leaves, which come later, are in the shape of a colt's foot.

Our tin man, who needs a new coat of paint.

This is our gas-station-like "dinger" that rings our doorbell when someone comes up our driveway.

Empty seed pods from an evergreen.

One of my prize junk-sale finds that we put on our driveway.

An empty beech tree seed pod.

The tree has grown up around this birdhouse.  Now usually house wrens nest there.

Deer damage.

The daffodils.

A perfect woodpecker hole lying right along the driveway.

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