Thursday, March 26, 2009


I often wish I could draw some of the funny pictures I get into my head; today I was thinking about how sometimes it seems the world is filled with the coiled burners you find on electric stoves.  And no matter what you do—even if it’s in kindness, or politeness, or goodwill—you get burned, left and right.  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ooomph!

Can you see a person walking around with lots of little burn marks all over them?

I’ve heard the saying, “She’s prickly all over.”  Wouldn’t THAT make a grand picture?  Maybe I should replace my hurtfulness of the hot burners with the more gentle bites of the prickles, and not take it so much to heart.

Come to think of it, maybe I’M the one with the prickles.  If I myself weren’t so prickly, maybe I wouldn’t feel hurt so many times.

To protect myself from hot burners and/or prickles, I suppose I could wear armor or develop a hard shell.  In some ways, that’s the same as wearing prickles.  What a funny picture comes to mind THERE!

I think I had better go read Old Hat’s encouraging reminder again:  to NOT throw up my defenses, to keep a soft heart, and to remember that God always looks upon US with gentleness.


  1. I feel bad that someone has burned you in life.  I get my feeling hurt all the time. My mom said that I wear my feeling on my sleeve, what ever that means. I'm kind of tender hearted. Don't let mean burning and prickly people change you. You are right, God dose want us to keep a soft heart. We are to love our neighbor as he love us. God bless and I hope you feel happier soon.

  2. I can understand how you feel.  I'm a bit that way too, maybe too sensitive to what others think or how they react to me.  Sometimes I ask God to be able to love people as he does, beyond my own strength to do so.  Have a great weekend.  PS your pictures make me start to get mushroom fever for spring!

  3. @BluebirdChris - Ah, Indiana morels!  That's not really heard of around here in western PA.

  4. The problem is : can we have a tender hear under a prickly shell ? I think yes . Sometimes people who have a repulsive look have a golden heart !!I like very much the picture .Love Michel