Sunday, February 8, 2009


I spent some time rummaging in my house this afternoon looking for the photographs I took during my college years-and I couldn't find them.  How frustrating!

I had wanted to put a photograph into one of my recent blog entries, of my brother and I with the large sign we made in 1979 to cheer our basketball team.  We made it out of plywood and put it along the 4-lane highway that is close to our house-we just screwed it right into the legs of a road sign!

I looked in the only two places the album could possibly be, but to no avail.  In fact, it seemed like it has been a veeerrrrryyy long time since I have looked at those could be lost forever or something.

Finally, I found a whole stash of wonderful things.

I looked through some items from my childhood, and some photos of my senior year.  Found love letters between my husband and I when we were dating.  And I realized that my children might not have seen these things and or heard the stories behind them.

So up from the basement they have come.  Sunday afternoon sounds like a nice time to do a bit of rummaging and remembering, passing on old memories to my kids.

My baby rattle

EDIT: Here is my brother!  Yes, we were worried about The Law, but excitement was so strife that week that we figured The Law would overlook this infraction...

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