Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Imagine what my family thought when I trucked off to the recycling place with two large plastic tubs of tin cans, newspaper, and glass, and returned with two large plastic tubs of ...... different glass!  And being proud of myself too!

This is what happens when you have a mead-maker in the house.

I am under five feet tall, so imagine me tipping myself into the recycle bin while pulling out these treasures.
I could easily fall in love with glass.


  1. You are under 5 foot, eh? I am 5 foot, and shrinking, I think! More in common....and I do like glass bottles, but mine are of a smaller variety.

  2. I like the blue cobalt of the bottle . Sometimes I dream to make something with various colored glasses but what ?Michel

  3. That blue bottle reminds me of the story I heard from my grandmother about why blue mermaid tears (tumbled bits of glass from the ocean) were so rare. Apparently there was a couple who every year broke blue bottles in the fall down at the point of the peninsula so there would be plenty for the next summer. However, they died several years ago, so you only very rarely see the blue ones now. Most are just clear, green, or china.