Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I made meringue cookies with chocolate chips in them. They are divine.

I’ve been making so many, and they are eaten so fast, that now I automatically double the batch each time.  Be careful before you think of doing this though, as they ALL have to fit in the oven at the same time!

So I added 1 C. of chocolate chips per batch.

I also made peach meringues the other day too.  They were … OK.  I doubled the recipe—minus half cup of the sugar, and replaced it with a package of peach jello.  They tasted nice and peach-ish, but the rather artificial flavor of the gelatin was also there.

I think I’m done with meringues for a while!


  1. I've never had a meringue cookie. I'm currently eating too many chocolate chip ones!

  2. Oh, you just made me drool all over my keyboard. 

  3. ahh, we've done that with the itty bitty chips. Yum.

  4. @i_was_there_and_back_again - I'm ashamed to say that I just pitch the egg yolks. I could save them in the hopes of using them for something else, but I know they would wait and wait until I threw them out anyway. Fauquet, from France, says his wife makes "Floating Island" with the egg yolks and cream. THAT sounds quite interesting.

  5. Or, you could make bread with them....egg yolks make some breads really tasty!

  6. They sound so good. I have a 1852 cookbooks that has a recipe for egg whites, crushed almonds, and chocolate all choped up. It sound so good now that I have seen your cookies. I think I might try to make them and to a post about it . God bless

  7. Again sinful cookies !! always yummy ! It ' s incredible all of what we can do with meringue.Yes my wife uses the egg yolk to make the English cream ( crême anglaise ) . The grandchildren love very much that . And as Trish says above it is possible to make a special  " bread " with them ( we call this a " brioche " ). Thanks for your encouragements