Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I suspect that nowadays, my “special places” are mostly special trees, and these mostly in the fall.  There was once a perfect orange maple on the way to town that grew on the edge of a woods, at an open field.  Because it grew unfettered from the others, its shape was magnificent, and it had autumn leaves of brilliant orange that made it stand out from everything else, like a bright exclamation point.

One day they cut out the biggest trees in that woods, for money.  And my tree was gone, just like that!  I was/am so affronted that they would take my tree, never even knowing its TRUE value.  I still look at its empty spot and think of it as I drive by.

I am blessed with another tree that gives me joy this time of year.  It’s just outside my window, and I can turn my head at any time to see it.  Every tree has its own annual habits, and this one is one of the first to turn color, so it glows with a green background behind it.


  1. I rarely understand the cutting down of trees. Enjoy the ones that surround you!