Sunday, June 1, 2008


There’s been a surplus of hilarious activity in the wide world recently. One way of keeping up-to-date on these sorts of things is to read the Odd News that Yahoo offers.  For instance, there was the Japanese fellow who had a woman secretly living in his closet for a whole year—he DID keep wondering why food disappeared from his home while he was away at work.

She was tidy and clean, though. 

Then there was the man who (when his wife was away) hired a nude maid to clean the house for $100 an hour.  Somehow, when he wasn’t looking, she stole $40,000 of his wife’s jewelry. 

And there was the lost pet bird who was able to tell the vet what his name and address is (he had been
cautious enough not to divulge this information to the police).

Or how about the scientists who wanted to get camera footage of a rare rhino species, in order to learn their secrets?  The only footage they got was that of the rhinos destroying the cameras. 

The best one, though, is about the guy who was caught crawling under a table in a university
library—spraying saltwater onto a woman’s shoes with a syringe.  Here is an honest-to-goodness police photograph of him:


  1. Two more Dune-type factoids.Mom says that I'm partly Mentat. This became rather obvious to me a few years ago when I read Dune.When we were in CW, there was a kid in the capitol building reading Dune. Mom told me to go over and tell him what a great book it is. I did so, but was rewarded only with a very strange look.

  2. Stopped by from fwren's site. I am Michelle, nice to meet you. Your news report had me in stitches, we surely do live in a STRANGE world.

  3. I read your previous post and and I understand you see your child is grow up and lives and learn on his own . For a homeschooling mother it must be harder . I have 6 children but they all had the life thay wanted or they could have . ( not always like I wanted , myself ) . . Well we have to stay at our modest palce of parents .
    I am glad to see you try to change your mind with those rather funny related infos !: Love