Tuesday, December 6, 2016


At lunch my husband asked the table in general, "Do we have any plans for today?"

The actual translation of this phrase is:

It is time to make Christmas cookies!

Every year we discuss the difficulties of making cookies too early in December because they get all gone by Christmas Day; every year they say "Just make more, make more!"  It was noted that December is supposed to be the month  of the sugar high, and it was also noted that maybe those routine blood tests which include glucose levels should be put off till January.  Someone also protested that making more would mean other trips to the groceries in order to buy more stuff, which is against the list-making rules (see earlier post).

But here they are.

This cookie is rather unique at our house.  Firstly, my husband says there is only ONE kind of Christmas cookie and this is it right here.  Secondly, it is tradition for the guys to make these together, not me.  They have an elaborate and exacting dance of how to put them into the oven, using different racks at different times, setting multiple timers, and taking them out at just the correct time to throw the Hersey kiss on top.

I have my snack plate ready!

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  1. These look perfect! It's important to get the right cookie to Hershey Kiss ratio on these. Looks like they nailed it!