Sunday, November 1, 2015


I have long been a fan of clocks; I'm sure it's because my mother is a collector and I grew up with the sound of the cuckoo clock keeping time in the wee hours of my night.

But I've never done much about my interest.  When the boys were little, I bought a small cuckoo clock that I wind daily; and then I adore the Audubon clock that has a different bird chirp each hour. Quite often instead of saying to myself "Oh, it's 11 o'clock" I will say "Oh, it's the 11 o'clock bird".

But what I really like is what my mother has:  the antique "gingerbread" shelf clocks we inherited from my great-grandparents' households.  These American clocks (New England area) were made in the late 1800's and early 1900's, using technology that made clocks an affordable household item for many families.

So I bought one.  I am appreciating it SO much.

It was made by the Gilbert Company (Connecticut) in 1911.  It keeps great time, and I bought it from an expert who cleaned and serviced it before the clock came to me.  It has a strong, low "bong".

Well, in my opinion, clocks are like Lays Potato Chips--"you can't have just one".  Yesterday, another clock from Ben Kniskern's shop arrived and it is precious too.  This Seth Thomas shelf clock has a quieter chime than the Gilbert, but still rich and pleasing.

I am LOVING these clocks!  Christmas has already arrived here!

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  1. I love clocks too. When I was a child I remember the cuckoo clock at a relative's place..I wanted one of those. Now that I am older the desire has waned, but I still love clocks.