Monday, February 23, 2015


The sun is shining today and the temperature gauge reads -1 below.  It makes our drinking glasses shine in the window.  Can you guess which color is mine?

Before we each had our own glass, we "dirtied" glasses galore--just for a drink of water!  A typical American thing, I think.  But when my grandmother died, I inherited the cup she used every day when she was thirsty.  What a beautiful whimsy to think about.

Today there are very pretty enamel cups for sale, and I bought a different color for everyone.  Here is mine:

But alas, it's not like the old days.  These cups very quickly became cracked and broken, exposing the material underneath, and we had to abandon them.  So we switched to....



It's not all so bad.  For one thing, it's cheap enough that if you get tired of your glass, you can buy a new one--as long as it's in "your" color.  You can get anything you want, really--as long as it's in your color.  I myself am very picky as to how a drinking glass rim feels in your mouth, and as to how the water tastes from the glass.  For example, while aluminum glasses feel nice, they taste very odd indeed:

Some rims are too wide, and you have to struggle to maintain an adult appearance while trying to prevent water from dribbling down your chin.

And some just do not feel or taste right at all.

So here's an encouragement for a cold winter's day:

* I'd be obliged to take the one on the left.

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  1. at our place, we each have our own color of fiestaware mug. The factory is only an hour or so from our place and Devastatingly Handsome takes me about once a year to add to my collection. Fun post!