Friday, November 7, 2014


I have been thinking a lot about chickens and their owners lately.

I love the looks of a chicken.  I could collect chicken photos on Pinterest forever, they're so beautiful.

My co-mother-in-law's chicken

I get excited about chicken houses too, and the different ways you can protect your chickens while gleaning all of their benefits.

But purchasing good eggs on a regular basis seems to be a very difficult thing to do.  There was a time whereby an egg owner would give eggs to a friend at her church, and then I'd have to stop by the friend's house to pick them up, but that eventually chickened out.

Then someone in our church appeared to want to regularly bring eggs to OUR church, but that turned out to be a one-time deal.  Then there was a patron of the library who brought them once.  Then there were a couple of families who said they would bring regularly, but they keep get the picture. These folks seem to flighty.

It has set me to wondering if there's a certain type of folk who raise chickens.

My brother and his family recently began to raise chickens.  They have been very methodical about it, doing research, building things.

My niece and the one my brother built.

It sounds like such fun!  I haven't heard much news since the chicks arrived, but eggs have started coming.  He lives far away, so I'll probably never partake. But now I'm wondering what kind of person he REALLY is.


  1. maybe you should give it a try? I have to say, I do not share your love of chickens, they weird me out. I think the ones with feathers On Their Feet may be aliens of some sort. If I get too close a look at them I don't cook chicken for weeks. :P But I do admire people who care for them.

  2. We can love hens like some love pigeon .
    Your brother has a clean hen house . It is hard to maintain this clean .
    Is the nest really a hen nest ?. I see some blue eggs ??
    I wish you a happy Thanksgiving .
    Love ♥

  3. Happy New Year ,my friend , with a good health