Sunday, November 2, 2014


Recently a Facebook friend posted this encouragement:

Yes, I had done that very thing just hours earlier!

It was dark, getting colder,  and raining very hard.  Not a kind night to be away from home, but I was to meet church friends for coffee and chat, and I wouldn't want to miss that.  So I drove to the outlet stores and hoped for a parking place near the doors.

Busy place that it is, there were no spaces very close.  But wait!  What did I just drive past?  A series of parking signs set up just for the month of October*.

Car in reverse---back up, back up, back up.  AND PARK.  

With triumph!

It was raining, dark, and no one saw me do a victory dance outside my car.  But I did, and I wish it had been daylight so that people could see.

*Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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  1. :) You deserved the victory dance! Great story!