Saturday, November 1, 2014


"Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up..."  ~1st Thessalonions 5:11

Today I met a man who is an encourager.  He praised and uplifted in me in many ways, telling me what good things I do for others and why it matters so much.  He looked kindly into my eyes to make sure I accepted the truth of what he said.

He is the husband of a co-worker, and I see that she is an encourager too.  They have been together from their youth, and I can imagine them drawing strength from one another through the years as they have learned to do this.

I've been thinking a lot about praise and encouragement lately, because of my workplace and because of the TV show Madame Secretary.  It features a high-positioned woman working in an environment where all her assistants do not like her decisions--and they tell her so.

How can one work under conditions such as this?  Well, I suppose a lot of people do, both at work and at home.  How sad.  Quit that!  My personality and background hasn't taught me much of this art, but I wish and hope I can do better.

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  1. :) You rock, Girlfriend! Day 1 done! I have often wanted to have gold stars to pass out to people for a job well done... do you think that would count as encouragement? There is a local business that uses apostrophes right in all their ads where it would be easy to make mistakes... every time I see a truck of theirs I wish I had a gold star to give the driver.