Monday, December 2, 2013


It would be nice to start writing more often nowadays, so I am joining the DECEMBER PHOTO PROJECT hosted by to post one photo a day during December.  The purpose is to make us more aware of the wonderful things of the season, which I love to do.  Here is my first:

This will be Wheezy's 5th Christmas.  He behaves himself with the tree quite well (compared to stories I've heard about other cats), but he is indeed discombobulated about the change in furniture arrangement. At this time of year, the couch is closer to his scratching post, so he thinks it's fair game to just move over a few feet and "have at it."  The couch becomes his favorite toy, as he rip-tears up and over it, pounces on it, and dashes under the covering.

Sometimes I think he does know the difference, but just like any other kid at Christmas, he feels the holidays allow for a more free spirit.


  1. Oh! That's so fun! I love the tree!

  2. Wheezy too has an open eye ! :)
    I commented your previous post. and thanks for your visit and kind words on Xanga which is my real blog.