Saturday, December 28, 2013


Our shelf/elf monkey left early Christmas Eve to "help Santa" (said his quick note).  Makes you wonder if Santa sent the monkey to our house in the first place because he needed some peace and quiet at the North Pole; but anyway, here are some of the "highjinks" our monkey got up to before he left:

He ran a sack race with some of the crew at our house.

He ziplined through the living room.

He was rude with the family photograph (which does not have him in it).

He teepeed the Christmas tree.

We will miss him, but perhaps he will visit again next year.


  1. I have really enjoyed HiJinx!!! Our elf isn't quite as active as your monkey. But he is pretty old. He likes to just hang out different places. Thanks for making me smile!
    Esther Bates