Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today something very exciting happened to me:  I got to meet a blog friend in real life!

Toby Bo and I first met online a few years ago through a "friend of a friend" bloggy sort of thing.

I enjoy her sort of humor, and she enjoys about me...well, I'm not sure.  But it is gratifying all the same.

We tried to meet before, but it has never worked out.  Once, I was at a wedding, and a young woman I didn't know came up to me and gave me a gift!  It was from her mother, Toby Bo.

Once, I sent handmade soap to her through the mail.

And one time, we were so excited because her family had to travel through our area and they were going to visit our church on Sunday morning!! 

But we were on vacation away from home.  They sat in our pew and met all our church friends instead.

Now today, it finally happened:  we were able to meet in person at a wedding reception.

It didn't quite work out as planned.  I did not lose weight before this day, I didn't wear a hat, and I forgot to bring my little gift for her.  But we began to know one another in a whole new way.  And that was precious indeed.

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