Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here is one of my older entries that I thought you might enjoy (January 29, 2006):

It seems to me, that after thousands of years of youngers caring for the elderly, the public sector would have come up with a special code for communication.

You know:  when going to the bank with your 90-year-old mother, wouldn't it be nice to simply wave your little pinky--and the bank teller would immediately know, "This one's a little deaf!  Speak loudly!"

Or an arch of the right eyebrow would mean, "My mom's got the mental ability of a 5-year old--go slow and simple!"

A left eyewink says:  "This old geezer is sharp as a tack, don't try to pull anything over on him and DON'T treat him like a child!"

My family, being more practical-minded, says it wouldn't work after a while.  We youngers would grow old and know the code.  "Ah," but my husband says with a scratching of his chin, "you could counter-code back.  This means 'I'm not as crazy as she thinks!'"          

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  1. Love your shoe fixation in the previous post. Good way to get through graduation ceremonies!