Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A lot of people are enjoying cloth purses right now, so those who have plenty of free time (or actually--just a little bit of free time) can still whip off a few wonderful shoulder bags for very nice Christmas gifts.

Because I'm handicapped when it comes to following sewing directions, I'll direct you to website directions that even I can follow:  TinyHappy's Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Here is a bag I have given as a gift:

I used Walmart "upholstery" fabric and made my straps 6 inches shorter than the original.  I have gotten many compliments on the one I used this summer (graciously modeled by my younger son):


  1. so... am I right... you put your pockets on the outside? did you do them the same way she suggests for the inside? and do you like pockets inside, too?guess who bought fabric for some of these.  I found an awesome lightweight canvas pink and lime argyle shower curtain at the Goodwill, and DH gave me a rotary cutter which I am itching to learn to use.  :)

  2. @TobyBo - Oh, this is great!  I can't wait to see your purses!!Yes, I put a big pocket on the outside and then divided it down the center to make two.  I put pockets on the inside, but not like hers; instead, I put a pocket similar to the one outside--only on the inside, and with dividers so that it makes 3 or 4 pockets.The first time I put pockets on the inside, I put them all the way at the bottom, forgetting that when the purse was made, the purse had an actual bottom and so the pocket needed to be placed higher.I will send you my own translation of the directions!!

  3. Thank you so much! We are snowed in today and I don't have the interfacing... so this project may have to go on hold... but I have been sewing totes all year and want to give this one a try.  :)