Monday, December 28, 2009


When I opened my birthday gifts last June, I was delighted:  every gift I opened was exactly what I wanted!!

Perhaps the secret to this is to ask for reasonable things, and in small numbers....and to find examples of stores and websites where they can be purchased, too.


My three guys couldn't understand my exclamations of delight.  "What?" I asked.  "Why are you rolling your eyes?"

They said it was incomprehensible to them how I could act so surprised and happy when:
1.  I asked for 3 items.
2.  There were 3 packages.
3.  The packages were shaped like the 3 items I had asked for.

Perhaps IT'S A GUY THING  to not understand.  Who could ask for more??--to receive exactly what you wanted.


  1. The art is to let know what we want so this makes things easier !! And we are happy ! I wish to you a happy New Year LoveMichel

  2. Thanks for peeking in! I love a lot of things and I got some of them for Christmas. I hope your New Year is filled with blessings!

  3. I hope I don't find out I left a whole bunch of comments I didn't leave! Lol! This Panera Bread place is driving me bonkers. Someone hogged the internet at home so I'm trying to leave comments to my comments. Arrgghhhh!!