Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Is there a regular household chore that just irritates you very much--basically for no reason at all?  It's the hair in the bathroom sink that does me in.  Not because the hair itself annoys me, but because of something I was told many years ago about how easy it is to clean a bathroom and how simple it is to remove the hair as part of that process.

You are to take a tissue, dampen it, and "just whisk it out."

So every day, I take a tissue, dampen it, and chase and chase and chase and chase those hairs, all the while muttering to myself "JUST WHISK IT OUT, JUST WHISK IT OUT, JUST WHISK IT OUT:  RIGHT!!!"

Recently myself and I had a serious talk about this task that so totally annoys me every day.  A funny thing happened.  There was a sci-fi tweak that plinked in my brain, some sort of dimensional twist, just a slight shift of perspective.  Why not just take my time chasing those hairs and see this as an opportunity to daydream, relax, and stand there all day if I have to?  What a grand chance to goof off for a while!

Son:  Where did Mom go?
Other son:  Oh, she's just whisking hairs.

I wish this for you too, my friends--let those thoughts shift, just a little.


  1. I find your thoughts very creative and often amusing! The household task I most dislike, I'm ashamed to confess, is cooking....not sure I can do it and daydream, though! I think I would like it more if I didn't have so much other to do's waiting to be conquered......

  2. I agree with you : always thinking more before acting ; And personally I think long !!! I am renowned for that ! A work well thought is half done !Love Michel

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my post about mushrooms . It recalled you some memories !Love Michel