Saturday, July 18, 2009


I once knew a woman who used the phrase "move out of your comfort zone" ALL the time.  It seems to me that this phrase is used too much, and sometimes it is used as a different way of saying "I want you to do as I wish."

I think we should all be open to new experiences and that we should be looking to better ourselves, but it's OK to be comfortable too.  Sometimes being comfortable also means having expertise in an area that others don't have.  Heaping guilt on a comfortable person feels really wrong.

I don't like the phrase, but I know of no other way to describe my experience at Vacation Bible School this year.  I've been in charge of the VBS kitchen, the VBS music, and have taught a few classes; I've even been the director's wife many times.  But never have I been asked to do the daily skits!

I was definitely "out of my comfort zone."

My husband was the prince, and I was the little girl Joey.
(My son The Narrator is peeking out the window)

Our scripts came already written with the program, and we semi-read our lines as we performed, so it was fairly simplified, but it kinda ruined my week:  I was soooo nervous to rev myself into a character I'm not.

On the other hand, I got famous.  The adults thought I was great, and the children recited our happenings step-by-step when they got home.  And of course I had a good time.

My favorite day was when I promised to guard the prince's crown--and not to touch it.  What did I do as soon as he left?  You guessed it; the look of horror on the children's faces was priceless.

They didn't waste any time tattling on me when the prince came back, either.

The People in Charge are already talking about next do you think I would look in a rabbit costume?!


  1. .......awwwwww, I wish I had been there to see you! Maybe I shall call you Joey.  :)

  2. I would have loved to see it too. I know what you mean about comfort zones. I do think since I'm older I'm comfortable in more different situations. You know, old people and kids can be silly.

  3. As I told "the prince" after the final performance, "You've got a lot of guts!"  That applies to you, too, "Joey!"  Bravo.

  4. By the way, I passed this on to Renee in Houston, who has the same kind of duty this week. She has to be Gabriel, then Mary mother of Jesus, then Mary Magdalene, then a lizard (from the site of the Temptation), then Simon of Cyrene.

  5. Well, even if it was out of your comfort zone, I'm glad you passed the story and pictures along to us.  :)  I did skits one year at VBS and it was my faaaaavorite thing to work.  :) ...although crafts are good too... and teaching is fun...

  6. Totally cute! You found your new vocation!

  7. Yes it is good to leave the beaten ways from time to time to do new things .You feel renewed and ready to better face the life .Great photos !Love Michel

  8. Thanks for the kind comment. I love taking pictures.

  9. You look so cute dressed as a little girl. I bet you did a great job, and the kids enjoyed the show.I was looking down through you older posts, because I haven't been around in awhile (sorry about that, things get a little crazy in the summer for me.) And I saw that you do some English country dancing. Well I have been know to do some country dancing myself. It has been a few years now, but I can still remember how a little bit, I think.  I wish I lived close enough to go with you. Kelly