Saturday, April 18, 2009


My younger son and I are done with speech and debate class for the year…till I start working on speech and debate class for next year…which will probably be next week!

Snapfish sent a special coupon for folks who like to print out their photos, so I’ve been obliged to sort through the large volume of what I have in the hopes of making some sort of sense of it all.  Although the lighting was poor at our last speech tournament, I still enjoy looking at what we did in the evenings for relaxation–English Country Dance, of course!

I took this while I was calling a dance:


The 3-day tournament was held in a retreat center that used to be a live-in school.  So we all slept in the dorms and socialized throughout its entirety.


But most of the time, we worked!



  1. I don't think I could find enough young gents in our homeschool community who would be willing to do the dancing. However do you do it?

  2. @i_was_there_and_back_again - Word gets around!  We started out with a bunch who were interested because we all were watching Pride & Prejudice movies.  These invited others, etc.  A handful of these were at the speech competition and got others into it; if there's a lit interest, there seems to be a historical dance interest!

  3. Class and dance ! That is great  I think the dance figures they made are gracious . Serious young people  This is beautifulLove Michel.

  4. Reading your blog made me smile. I love dancing. I feed the birds. I think butter molds are adorable. I am a homeschooling mom from PA. There is a lot I don't know, still. My boys are in college now, and I have set up a blog just for homeschoolers where I can tell it all to everyone! My xanga blog is designed simply as a connecting point with my friends on Xanga and it directs them to my main blogNice meeting you.