Saturday, March 7, 2009


I Was There & Back Again passed this meme on to me; I thought I would do it with photos!  Feel free to join in yourself. 

Something old...these Valentines and cards I found in my baby book.  They’re so cute and antique; surely I’m not THAT old!


Something new....18 years ago today, someone new came into my life—my youngest son.


Something challenging....the month of April, filled with speech tournaments, a historical ball, etc. etc. etc.!

Something fun....our cat Wheezy, who is interested in many things.

  Something you dread....the piles of stuff I have sitting around the house, waiting to be dealt with.

Something you look forward to....reading this book and its sequel with my youngest, who mentioned we should do it again.  If you like E. Nesbit (The Railway Children, The Treasure Seekers, etc) or Edward Eager (Seven Day Magic, Half Magic, etc.) you will like these too.  The children in both Eager’s books and Ormondroyd’s book mention their love of Nesbit!



  1. Ooh! A new author for me. I love E. Nesbitt. And pass on a Happy Birthday!

  2. Enjoyed the pictures. Happy birthday to your son. He sure was cute!

  3. A historical ball....what fun. I hope you post pics of it. Are you doing the big speech tournament thing....I can't think what's it called....the competitive speech giving thing that so many kids do? (How's that for vague!)The pic of your son is adorable!

  4. @i_was_there_and_back_again - Yes, we have done homeschool speech & debate with the NCFCA for something like 8 years now! Do you know the whole group out in eastern PA who does it? Grant, Hopkins, etc? As for historical balls, I call a ball almost once a month now; it's great!

  5. I don't know any of the leaders....just some of the kids who've done it. Do you dress up for the balls?

  6. Any ideas for a better chair?

  7. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes .I like the illustrations of the topics above . Your youngest son was so nice ;And this cat ? Why does he apologize ? because he is too much beautiful ?? April looks like an interesting month with events to relate Love