Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year on Christmas Day, my husband’s mother told us it was her best Christmas ever. 

This could be a silly statement, seeing as how she is in a nursing home, in a wheelchair, and hardly knows who-is-who or what-is-what.  Because she had a nap before we arrived, she wasn’t even sure it was still Christmas when we visited.

And yet, it gave us all pause.  My sister-in-law was greatly moved because she said it should really humble us, we who have so much.  Mom has so little and yet is so grateful for what she does have.  How poor of us to dare complain about ANYTHING after that! 

I myself am very moved by the grace of God toward Mom.  How unfailingly kind He has been toward her in her older days, causing her not to realize the passage of time while sitting alone or not to be aware of pain and loneliness.  If she does have any emotional hurt (which I don’t think is often), she finds solace through holding the Bible in her hand and staring at the page. 

His grace in this situation extends to us too.  We do not have to agonize so much because we can’t spend every minute with her.  How comforting it is to see her passing into His presence this way.

On a more material note:  Some folks have been overly eager to hear what I purchased for myself before Christmas!  It is not as exciting as some might hope, because these items were simply an “expedience” thing.  My husband doesn’t go out of town often, and because I myself did, I purchased two things I wanted (and sort of needed) on sale:  a toaster oven and measuring cups. 

There IS a third Christmas present I saw ahead of time, and it happened this way:  I had put a newly issued, highly acclaimed gluten-free cookbook on my Christmas list, and when I was placing an order with Amazon. com for other things, I asked my family if they too needed anything from this store (due to free shipping).  My husband replied, “I need a gluten-free cookbook.” 

So I ordered it, opened the box when it arrived, my son wrapped it, and it went under the tree.  I emailed my friend and told her I was getting it for Christmas, it was really large, but that I hadn’t looked inside. 

She replied the same!  She herself had purchased one and when a third party asked a specific question about it, her answer had to be, “I don’t know.  I’m not allowed to look at it!”   

So I guess I’m not alone in this new method of receiving Christmas presents.  How many of you folks did the same?

The sun is shining, the cat is sleeping in the chair, and we’re warm and safe inside on this first day of the New Year.  I wish for you, my friends, many many blessings in the coming months!

  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~Romans 15:13


  1. Both of my parents died of Alzheimer's. I find your story of your MIL very touching.

  2. Lovely meditation--thank you.  As for presents that aren't surprises, I get plenty of those. But I get a few surprises, too. And give them!

  3. I am glad to hear the story about your mother-in-law's contentment. And also glad to *finally* hear about the gifts. Enjoy them! :)