Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I haven’t written in my blog for so long, because I feel I don’t have anything profound to say.  But I enjoy reading about what other people are doing, so maybe I should take the plunge and see if others are interested in what happens here?

I had warriors sleeping in my house this weekend.  

One of them even snored like a warrior, if I should guess what a warrior sounds like when he sleeps.
Two years ago, my older son started a local branch of dagorhir, which is a medieval fighting re-enactment group.  A cross between Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Dark Ages, they say.  
Each person gives themselves a name, and they can also take on a persona if they like, ranging from an Anglo-Saxon to an elf from Tolkien.

Rules require medieval-style clothing, but do not have to be completely authentic like they are in the Society of Creative Anachronism.  Some of them are very very nice.

My older son, in more casual Anglo-Saxon garb

This group is about fighting, and the rules are very exacting as to how weapons should be made.  Generally, they consist of foam built around pvc pipe, which creates a “safe” device for whacking people.

Each weapon is checked for safety at the start of the event

My son’s group (he calls himself Alric) hosted a battle this weekend, with 60 in attendance.  Two fellows who stayed at our house were Magnus (a Latin teacher at a prep school in Philadelphia) and Glom (a clerk at a Halloween store in Phildadelphia), who drove 6 hours to get here.  You couldn’t find greater opposites.

Here is Magnus, who is apparently dead for a moment.

We also hosted Seraphim; she is a college student from Toledo, OH.

When I stopped by the battle in the evening, to supply ice water and supper food, they cheered for me.  But I felt awkward in my mom/modern/summer clothing.  Perhaps I should make myself a tunic for the times of tending the camp?  I also really need a name when I introduce myself.  Since I’m known as ALRIC’S MOM, I am thinking of calling myself MADRA.   Any other motherly nominatives you can think of?


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Pretty creative. Madra is nice.

  2. I like Madra. I've actually been playing Dag here at college -- much fun!

  3. Another vote for Madra. And definitely make yourself something cool to wear. And be sure the food you take them is period, too. Maybe some nice stewed rabbit and root vegetables or something like that.I'm glad you posted the photos. We heard about this day on Sunday. :D

  4. Amazing! I think you should be Lady Something...maybe Lady Sustenance!