Thursday, September 18, 2008


On Day 1 of No Electric, one tends to stand about, thinking thoughtful thoughts.  

Day 2:  frantically moving freezer contents to all the homes of your friends.  

Day 3:  driving long distances to get a friend's generator (and shopping along the way, to make good use of the gas and the opportunity of leaving your small home town).  

Day 4:  ah, rest at last? takes a lot of time to chat with the good friends who let you use their shower, and the good friends who let you do such n such, and the good friends who do such n such.  And run the generator, dashing about getting jobs done while you've got a light.  And figuring out what to have for a microwavable supper, since all your food is in someone else's freezer.

It's all been quite interesting and a little bit fun. 


  1. You have a great attitude. When will this be fixed?

  2. ditto on the sweet attitude.Something about the way you started the post made me think of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Sure hope you don't get anywhere near Day 12.

  3. We're powered up now and I know of your musings. I have had nice long stretches of quiet reading time and exhausting frenzies of cooking and moving belongings about (and thanks for helping debone that chicken the other night! ).  You didn't mention the carbon monoxide!