Thursday, July 3, 2008


My boys really missed out, as far as shopping carts go.  When they were small, there were no options while shopping with Mom; they just had to sit in the cart and holler a little bit.

But now…what riches!  What glory! 

I can see the gleam of power in the eye of those children who today get to drive the car attached to his mom’s shopping cart.  What joy!  What triumph!  My boys would have been in 7th Heaven.

Now shopkeepers have just upped the ante on shopping cart competition: the video/TV cart.  Yes!  At a super-Kmart this week I saw a rental shopping cart that has a television attached, presumably with movies or some-such for your discerning child.

Just makes you want to turn the clock back, doesn't it?


  1. Oh, but those things are a bear to steer!  My Ben made me eligible to give these a try a time or two.  No good.  I took David with me to the store this week to haul about the big 24-pack Pepsi specials (had to buy 5 of them to get the deal!).  So there's usefulness at the other end of the childhood/shopping cart odyssey. 
    PS  I remember my mom quipping once when my younger brothers were little that she never shopped anywhere that didn't have carts.

  2. OOOHH yuck. I am a card-carrying germophobe. Think of how disgusting those things will be in cough and cold season.

  3. You do know that they have those little anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down the cart with?  Good thing only Lydia is little enough to get into a cart and even that will not be for long....and you are right Cindy, they are really hard to steer and not knock someone over in the grocery aisle.

  4. Are those children prepared to the hard life that is waiting for them .. I wonder .

  5. Those things look cool but I don't think I would want to push them around the store!!  I tried to use the shopping trips to teach my kids stuff.