Sunday, December 23, 2007


I often wish I were able to draw cartoons, because I get these comic scenes in my head that would be fun to put on paper. 

My most recent vision is one that resulted from an email we received. 

The writer of the email meant no harm or wrong intent, but the information it divulged caused a small explosion among the inhabitants of our house.  See in your mind:  a cartoon house lifting off the ground and going KA-BOOM! 

Then I was wondering how many emails cause consternation of one sort or another in various homes all over the world.  Many are cruel, and some are rude; we ourselves have gotten a few of these through the years.  It is too bad, really.  How many of these are from Christians written
to other Christians?

Imagine a cartoon of a quiet, peaceful neighborhood—and every whipstitch, one of the houses suddenly explodes!    KA-BOOM!.............KA-BOOM!

Humor in a grim situation!


  1. Ack. Just lost my comment.
    I loved your tour. We have a Wishnik guarding the bathroom, keeping an eye on toothbrushing and whatnot. The Enterprise would also be a hit here. But I think my favorite is the little stocking - you can just see the concentration in doing the stitches.
    I hope you saw I messaged you the other day. I am relatively new to using Xanga other than just for commenting, so I don't know how messages show on the receiving end.
    Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

  2. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas. God bless you! Maybe we'll get to meet in 2008?