Saturday, September 8, 2007


This summer one of my dreams came true:  we got a new front door and screen door for the house!  Lots of research, lots of shopping, lots of advice from friends, and lots of money.


And oh, is it ever so nice.  We can even unlock it with just two fingers and while standing upright!! (instead of shoving with my shoulder against the door while bracing my rear against the opposite wall and wrenching both hands on the lock)


Then last week my younger son and I left the house by the garage doors…and we couldn’t get the one closed.  Because it’s desperately cracked.  The doors are really old and raunchy.

So…lots of research and shopping again.  And money!  Our new doors should be installed in a month or so.

I was hoping to get something like what my sister-in-law and I were drooling over  while discussing those front house doors (just in case we should ever desire new garage doors, you know….)—kind of a Tudor look with long vertical lines.

How silly of me!  Not unless we want to pay lots more.  So then I was trying to at least choose appropriate windows for what we were going to get.

But the saleman told us it would be $450 less if we had NO windows in the garage doors.  My husband said we could still get windows if I really wanted them, so I went to a homeschool meeting and started asking a group of ladies.  They were so excited:

    "Oh, I like these windows best!”
    “How about these windows?”  
    “I like these windows!" 
    “Oh, yes, of course you have to have windows, they're ever so much better!"

Then I said, "Well, there's one more thing I have to tell you.  Windows add $450 to the cost."
Dead silence.  Then a chorus of:

    "NOOOOOO, you don't need windows!"
    “No way, you can do without those!”
    “No windows,
            no windows,
                        no windows!"

Good ol' practical homeschool moms.

You KNOW which kind we decided upon, don’t you?  I’ll post photos when they arrive!


  1. The new door looks lovely!  ^_^
    And I have to say, I enjoy your posts very much!

  2. Hee hee! I'd have been in the chorus of "No windows!" I'm glad you are getting the house all worked out.

  3. You made me smile. Been there, done that. Thanks for the kind comment on my site.

  4. Your house and new door is lovely.  I love the lot your house sits on.  Looks like the back has lots of trees.