Thursday, July 19, 2007


Just returned home from a 3-day "mini vacation" for the 25th anniversary--what a difference a 3-day break can make! 

We did all sorts of things we don't usually do.  First, we stopped at a local marsh.

Then we continued on to our rental cabin.

We did a lot of walking, on trails

and by water

and even rented a surrey (my legs were too short to peddle it).

My husband did some wine-tasting

and we ate at many restaurants we had never been to (such as Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden)—we chose them off the latest poll of Top Full-Service Restaurant Chains.

We spent time reading

took a pontoon boat tour

and even re-decorated our car!   (just kidding!)

We made a lot of memories and added some private jokes to our repertoire!

By the way, the hymn that was sung at our wedding was Be Thou Exalted.  The words were written by Fanny Crosby, which remained unnoticed until Alfred Smith wrote a tune for them.  Alfred Smith, a hymnist who had worked with Billy Graham, spent a week at my college leading us in very rousing and wonderful singing, including this song; I bought his hymnbook at that time and it is the 5th hymn in that book (Victorious Life Hymns).


  1. Now that's what I call a vacation report!   Thanks for sharing!  Now I'll have to look up "Be Thou Exalted" online to be sure it's the one I sort of halfway remember...

  2. What a wonderful break! Thanks for sharing. Hope you settle into a normal schedule with a minimum of hassle.

  3. Hi Chickadee feeder from Bluebird Chris.  I love chickadees too.  Happy anniversary.  My husband and I had our 25th last year, and were able to take a trip to Alaska which was awesome.  Sounds like you had a nice time.  I am from Indiana and I see you were back here to visit.  Gotta love good ole Indiana in the summertime.  We have our county fair this week, so I am looking forward to some tenderloin and ribeye sandwiches, elephant ears, etc etc!  Christy

  4. Do we "silvers" know how to have a good time or what! I enjoyed your trip report (and seeing your sweet face as well!). Thanks for posting.Hugs,Renee