Saturday, June 16, 2007

Currently humming "Paperback wri-i-i-i-iter..."


Benedictmock and I spent a week “back home,” visiting family.  How
good it is!: 

Where you can go to Pizza Hut in the next town and run into someone from your high school class (we graduated 32 years ago)

Lots of people wearing blue jeans 

The main talk is about the lack of rain…and whether or not your car will take ethanol

Older farmers in bib overalls

Small-town parades 

Vera Bradley handbags 

Tenderloin sandwiches 

Best quote from the aunts:  “Would using ethanol in my car smell like corn?  THAT would make me hungry all the time.  Not much of a savings if I had to stop every 5 miles to get something to eat!” 

Oh, and then there’s the blacksheep cousin who drives a bright blue 3-wheel motorcycle and runs a bail bond service.  His slogan on written ads is “I’ve been there before—I know how it feels!”


  1. Good to hear from you again! Hey, this sounds a lot like small-town PA. Well, except for the ethanol and handbags. Although they may be putting in an ethanol plant in Curwensville.

  2. That comment from your aunts was TOO funny!