Monday, March 19, 2007


I’ve started using an online diary to keep a calorie and nutritional record of what I eat; it is truly
helping me, MOST of the time….

I made a complicated dish last night and ate a small portion of it, along with a bit of brown rice.
Quite a job to calculate all the ins and outs of caloric content, carbs,
protein, etc.

At the end of the day when I figured up the daily totals of what I had eaten, I was so shocked at how high in calories that food was!  What a bummer.  Went to bed a little hungry.

This morning I was kind of light-headed and weak, and I just knew I hadn't gotten enough to eat.  So
I ate kind of heavy for lunch, including another small portion of the new dish. Then I put it into the online journal and saw that I had now eaten almost all of my calories for today.  ACK!  SUFFERING!

Finally the rational side of my brain speaks: "You know, that just can't be right."

So I re-figured everything for that special dish and I was way off-base.  DUUUUHHH!!  Here I am
starving to death on account of poor math capabilities!!!!!!!!!

I guess I was wrong all these years when I said that I would never need math.

Life is definitely looking up!


  1. Urgh. I don't think I shall come to you for diet advice. I don't like the complex. But, I'm glad you figured out your figuring out!How is the JA book? Is it worth the read?

  2. The Jane Austen book is DEFINITELY worth a read, especially for those of us who have children of college age or close to college age or high school age or whose children take the SAT or whose husbands work in colleges...the commentary on How To Get Into the College of Your Choice is hilarious.As for Jane Austen...I would have enjoyed it more without the JA title. I kept comparing the story line and saying, "But that's not how it went!"

  3. I'm glad I came back! I didn't know you had answered my question. I would have been living in oblivion.The reason I came back was to apologize. I didn't mean to indicate that your diet or you were unworthy! But, I'm just such a lazy bum that anything with a bit of complexity is more than I want to do. Sigh. This whole "denying yourself" bit is a bother. It shows up in all areas: weight, holiness, relationships... (That's my flesh talking, of course!)

  4. I can just see nyou sitting at you computer, throwing your hands in the air, squealing EEK!