Monday, February 19, 2007


I started entering our bird counts into the Great Backyard Bird Count website today--we're gonna win those binoculars, I just know we are!!

My son and I compete with each other to see who can "up" the numbers:  HA!  I got more cardinals than you did!

The chickadees are the greatest challenge because they're so fast....there are 2; no, there are 3; that one is there, this one is here, that one is here...YES!  There are FOUR!  Great rejoicing----GOTCHA!
We've seen nothing out-of-the-ordinary.  Of course, that beautiful hawk had to show himself to us THE DAY BEFORE the Bird Count began. 

It's tempting to say "Bummer, just another junco."  But not really.  Each type has its own mannerisms and its own beauty.  The juncos with their crisp line where black meets white.  The tufted titmouse with its clown eye and soft peach tummy.  The fat goldfinches who hog the feeder perch, talking to each other with soft, sweet voice.

IT'S FANTASTIC, what God gives to us!

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  1. I love goldfinches! But, so does my cat, stinking animal.