Friday, February 16, 2007


I sprang out of bed this morning because I heard a crow.  I only saw one of the four who live in our crow family, but worth getting up early for, don’t ya think?

Will I be allowed to count what I saw in my dream instead of what I actually see today?  I dreamed there were record numbers of birds at our feeders…but I woke up before I finished counting….


  1. You are really excited about this, aren't you! It's such a delight to have someone share a passion with the world. Do keep us updated, and may God bring you an Indigo Bunting!

  2. Had to say hello because I really love chickadees!  We have a very limited window of opportunity to see them here in our part of GA.  We have a large pecan tree directly in front of our kitchen window and I stop everything when the first ones fill the branches.  Thanks for reminding me to start looking out for them.  Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi There!  We count birds, too.  We live in the middle of the woods, and have a lot of fun birds. Each morning when I walk into the front room, they are practically knocking on the french doors for their breakfast. We have 5 different woodpeckers!  Only four today because our pair of pilated refused to show. Birds where we usually only have one show up, my daughter names them. It worked ok at first but now we have 3 'Charlamagnes' - male red-bellied woodpecker. Back about 7 entries on my own blog you will see the flicker that started showing up. We haven't named him yet...but he's still here for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.  ~M.E.