Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Despairs of Housecleaning


Have you ever had the misfortune to REALLY clean and tidy your house, only to have your company limit their presence to the living room area?  As the visitors leave, they look back and see a small face at the screen door, crying in a plaintive voice:

 “But wait, you haven’t used the bathroom!”


  1. I have so 'been there, done that'!When we had our homestudy, I cleaned for 3 ,count'em, 3 days. Every nook and cranny was clean, bathrooms sparkled, to say I was proud is an understatement. Our social worker came, walked thru the house once, asked D&D if they cleaned their room. They nodded with big smiles. She asked if it was always this clean. Smiles melt as they shake thier heads. She then asks(with her own smile, after all she's a mom too) if mom had to yell at them to get it this clean. Head hang as the say,"Yea." We then go down stairs talk for about 45 min. As she is leaving I say, "Don't you want to walk thru one more time? It may never be this clean again!"And she still let me adopt Serenity....

  2. Ok I just realized our Xanga was signed in on Mattie's account. OOPS. You didn't really think the Great and Powerful Domino would give much thought to housework did you?